Truth Be Told // Spady Sunday

Truth be told, it's been a tough week. As much as my goal is to be positive, sometimes life just gives you a little kick, and you can't help but sit on the ground for a minute wondering what happened before you stand back up and face the rest of the day, let alone the next day and the one after that.

If I'm being honest, it would be nice to just forget that some of these things happened, and that they're still happening. Life is a wonderful, messy thing, and some weeks are just messier and tougher than others. Anyone else been there? Anyone else there now?

My comforts are this: that despite this week, and through this week, God loves me and cares for my every little need. That tomorrow is a new day, and next week is a new week. That one day not too far in the future, this will all be a distant memory, one I can hopefully smile at, knowing why it happened and what I learned from it.

Until then, I think it's ok for all of us to just take five. To sit on the ground just a little bit longer than we're supposed to. To let ourselves be sad over whatever happened.

But then...then we stand up. And we shake the dust off our feet. And we ignore the bruises that we still have, knowing that one day soon, we will forget where those bruises ever were. 

So today, I'm choosing to stand up, move my feet, and just keep going. And I pray that weeks like this week only make me more grateful for the times in my life that are more wonderful than messy.

Because they're coming. One day soon, they're coming.

View of Portland, Oregon, from the Sky Ride

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