St. Patrick's Day...and the Reasons I Hate It // Personal

Ok first off, I think hate is probably too strong of a word to use for almost anything, but "St. Patrick's Day and the reason I don't like to celebrate it but do anyways and dislike doing so" is a little too long for a blog post. So...that's out of the way.

I really, really do not like St. Patrick's Day. It's my least favorite holiday, but it's not even a holiday because I never get off school or work for it. It just doesn't make sense to me. Sure, I think the actual story of the day is awesome and everybody should know it but in reality, nobody does. It's a big excuse to pretend like you have an Irish heritage (I don't) and go out drinking (I won't) and 'celebrate,' for who knows what reason.

I probably sound like the St. Patrick's Day version of Scrooge, but I only have bad memories of this day. There's a crazy expectation to wear green, and if my mother-in-law hadn't bought me a green shirt as a birthday gift awhile back (thank you!!), I wouldn't have anything green in my closet. But if you don't wear green, you get pinched. Umm...where did that even come from?! I can think of almost nothing worse than getting pinched by everybody around you who thinks they're the most clever people in the world for thinking of pinching you first. Nobody likes to be pinched, end of story.

The other bad memory comes from childhood. My mom was awesome, let me make that clear. She always made holidays and other days really special for us kids, and I appreciate that now more than I can say. But I'll never forget the fateful day when we all ran downstairs, excited for breakfast (yeah, she made us breakfast every morning...told you she was awesome) and instead of a normal meal, we had GREEN milk and GREEN oatmeal.

I don't know what it is mentally that messes you up about drinking something green, but that morning is probably the moment I started hating St. Patrick's Day. Of course, me and my siblings were overdramatic and made the worst noises while 'gagging' down our food, but something about green food makes everything taste awful.

So, as I sit here typing in my green shirt I feel forced to wear, I hope you are enjoying this day much more than I am. And maybe there's a reason to celebrate that I'm missing...if so, I want to know! Leave a comment below and maybe I'll celebrate next year :)


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