Wayne & Sheila // Yorktown Beach Engagement Photographer

Strength. It's what a lot of people wish they had, but often don't when times get tough. Joy in the midst of strength is an even harder trait to come by. Over the past few months, as I've gotten to know Sheila, I have found that she possesses both of those qualities, in a very special way.

Sheila's mom deals with a lot of health-related struggles, and has for some time. We even had to postpone their engagement session once because of a few unfortunate circumstances. Yet when Wayne and Sheila showed up to their rescheduled session, they were nothing but smiles and laughter.

It was really Wayne's 'fault' that we ended up at Yorktown Beach, at sunrise, on a particularly chilly December day. Back when he proposed many months ago, he took Sheila out to that same beach and gave her a beautiful handmade box (which you'll see below). Inside was a wring and the words "Will You Marry Me?" So when it came to picking out a location for them, the choice was obvious.

Sheila exudes joy. She is bubbly and full of life. Wayne and her go together like two peas in a pod - where she is chatty, he is quiet. Where she becomes serious, he makes her laugh again. Together, their love for each other and their zest for life is evident and beautiful. I can only imagine what their big day in February will be like...

Cloudy sunrise beach engagement session
Cloudy sunrise Yorktown beach engagement session
Black and white sunrise engagement session
December engagement session posing ideas
Winter engagement session in Virginia
Cute December engagement session
Posing ideas for a windy engagement session

SUCH a cute way to propose!

Cute ways to propose - a wooden box with Will You Marry Me
Cute ideas for engagement session ring picture
Ring shot ideas for beach engagements and weddings
Ring shot hanging in green trees
Beach engagement session posing ideas with a blanket
Winter beach engagement session posing ideas with a blanket
Winter beach engagement session
Beach engagement session posing ideas
Posing ideas on a bench for an engagement session
Engagement pictures on a dock by the beach
Engagement session posing ideas

And so we end where they began...by his truck on Yorktown Beach :)

Engagement poses in a truck

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