Winter Break Recap // Spady Sunday

Whew! I feel like this winter I survived a whirlwind in the form of family, friends, a ton of work, some relaxation, a lot of traveling, and a million things to do! I do love the holiday season but it always comes and goes much too fast for my liking. My heart sank a little last night as I gave my Christmas tree one final goodbye hug (don't judge, I love that thing!) and we pulled him out to the curb. And by we, I mean that I stood idly by and watched Nathan struggle with the tree, completed the amazingly difficult task of opening the door, and then thanked him a million times while he vacuumed up the needles. It was a team effort.

Anyways I haven't worked a full week since the second week of December, which is crazy to me! I worked so much on photography during the break that it doesn't feel like I've had that much time off, but I did. So much happened in those few weeks, though, that I feel like I should share a little recap of what we've been doing, and some lessons learned during this cold, cold winter season.

  • Nathan and I have both developed a strong addiction to hummus. I don't know when it started, but it's gotten a little out of control. The other night, halfway through eating our London broil, Nathan suggested spreading hummus on it. Yes, it made the meat THAT much better.
  • After a month of intended to write my "What to Expect on Your Wedding Day" blog post, it still is not finished. I left you hanging at the pre-wedding prep. I'm sorry. It will come...sooner than February.
  • We finally got new family pictures done. Sure, I may have worked a little on that day as well, but 3 years in and BOOM! Some pictures to show for it.
  • I ate cheesecake twice in three days. First, from The Cheesecake Factory. Second, one that I made. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure I could start up a cheesecake business. Maybe I'll do that if this whole photography thing falls through ;)
  • Speaking of, Nathan and I decided we could totally run a successful small business together. No, we aren't actually starting or launching anything, but we went ahead and let the universe know what's coming.
  • I learned how to rescue a pan after I burnt the heck out of it. Baking soda, my friends. It's a miracle worker.
  • We bought our dog a coat. A WINTER COAT, people. Who have I become?!
  • I am eating hummus as I write this. Or, more appropriately, I just finished a container of hummus while writing this. I may have eaten it with a fork

Now that I'm venturing into she's-getting-a-little-weird territory, I'll wrap this up with one of my favorites from our new pictures. Thanks for reading one crazy blog post, and sticking with me through an even crazier winter season!

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