What Does Photography Mean to Me, Part 1 // Guest Blog

I've asked a few people I hold dear to my heart to answer the question, "What does photography mean to me?" I think it's so important to hear from real people about real events in their life, and understand why families choose to get pictures taken. This guest post is from Rebekah, who I've known for years - she was actually my babysitter when I was younger! Rebekah currently lives in Southwest Virginia, is a wonderful mom of 3, and is also a doula and marathoner. She keeps pretty busy! I hope this was as big of a blessing to you as it was to me!

I was recently asked, "What have pictures meant to me in my life?". Initially, this question took me off guard, because honestly, photos are something I tend to take for granted. I mean, with the surge of smartphones (we have 2 iPhones in our home), it is ludicrously easy to get snapshots or videos on the fly. Then, I started really thinking...

In early December, my husband and I went on a belated 7 year anniversary trip to Gettysburg, Pa. (We're both history nerds... what can I say?!) About three weeks before our trip, I had the sudden idea to hire a mini-shoot photographer to capture our getaway and to celebrate our 7 years of marriage.

I think this photo - taken by Rose Finley of The Focus Photography in Gettysburg, Pa. - speaks for itself.

RMF_TFP_12-11-13 (274).jpg

We have this shot framed and hanging in the hall just outside our bedroom door. Why?  This photo captures the joy of a weekend getaway, just the two of us.  It captures thelove we've shared for over 7 years.  It captures the friendship we've learned to cherish.

So, then, I started to think about what daily photos have grown to mean a lot to me.

New Photos - 9.11.7 004.jpg

Photos can celebrate those routine day-to-day moments that we may not remember otherwise, those precious moments we may be too sleep deprived to remember on our own!


Photos can capture special times together with family - time enjoying creation together, relaxation after dinner together, a fleeting smile that would have otherwise been missed.  


If it wasn't for this photo (Copyright - Aaron Stewart), would I necessarily remember the green of the grass by the lake in Michigan in July?  Would I remember how positively frigid it was that day and how I didn't pack enough warm clothes?  Would I remember how we laughed as we huddled together and smiled for the camera only to bolt inside to warm up once the shots had been taken?

You may be wondering - why even bother?

Photos capture memories.  Joy.  Life is filled with so much joy, but sometimes it takes looking back at a snapshot - a frozen moment in time - to really become aware of the joy that has filled our memories.  

So, as I've reflected on the significance of photos in my life, I've come to learn that photos are important reminders of time spent with family, special memories shared together, and remembering joy in the seemingly mundane.  As cliche as it may sound, a picture really is worth 1000 words.

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