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As I was thinking about what to write this week and tossing ideas around in my mind, I just couldn't justify writing about anything without giving thanks to all those people who have been generous and kind beyond explanation since my surgery. I wanted to share what it means to be blessed, and what being blessed does not mean. 

Being blessed does not  (necessarily) mean pain-free living
Being blessed does not  (necessarily) mean instant recovery
Being blessed does not  (necessarily) mean no surgery
Being blessed does not  (necessarily) mean living in an 'easy season' of life
Being blessed does not  (necessarily) mean everything goes perfectly
Being blessed does not  (necessarily) mean you get to do what you want when you want
Being blessed does not  (necessarily) mean avoiding hardship

Being blessed means friends bringing dinner every night for 2 weeks
Being blessed means my sister-in-law lending me tons of shirts so I don't have to buy any button-downs
Being blessed means coworkers sending me a gift basket of teas & sweets that just so happened to arrive during my toughest day
Being blessed means my mother-in-law missing church to sit with me and take care of everything
Being blessed means my mom driving over four hours one way, armed with frozen meals, to take care of me
Being blessed means having a great job that lets me take all the time off that I need
Being blessed means having health insurance
Being blessed means countless calls, texts, and messages sending prayers my way
Being blessed means knowing I have a friend to call on when I needed a ride to a doctor's appointment
Being blessed means my husband sleeping on the couch since I can't sleep in our bed for awhile, and getting up several times each night to give me medicine and check on me
Being blessed means that I have not been in need or want for anything since my surgery

Being blessed means this...and so much more. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all those who have blessed me. I am truly grateful.

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