How I Discovered Michael Jackson // Spady Sundays

The title of this blog might seem insane to you, but I feel like this story started a new era in my life. Ok, that might be a little dramatic. But still. 

When I was younger, I lived overseas for years, and I was honestly really out of touch with American culture. I never owned an Easy Bake Oven, watched Rugrats, or did most of the things that EVERYONE apparently did at my age. That's totally fine with me, and I don't miss any of it. But when I came back to the States, it seemed like so many people were crazy about some guy named Michael Jackson. 

I'd never even heard of him before (or NSync, or the Backstreet Boys...I was behind). When I read about his life I just thought, man, how could he make good music? I honestly couldn't fathom that someone with so many problems could be a good entertainer. So I absolutely refused to listen to his music. One of my friends in particular tried to get me to listen, and I finally unplugged her CD player. I was a very logical child. 

Anyways, fast forward to my college years. I'd like to think I had good taste in music by that point. I'd thankfully gotten past the Gwen Stefani phase (how did that even happen?!) and was hooked on Yellowcard, the Goo Goo Dolls, and other good stuff that I still love today. 

Then, Michael Jackson died. 

And finally, after years of refusal, my boyfriend (now husband) made me listen to one song. Just one. And told me if I didn't like it, I didn't ever have to listen to it again. 

I'll never forget it. The song was Smooth Criminal, and we listened to it on the same laptop I'm currently using. I flipped out. Way flipped out. Turns out, he's an AMAZING performer. And such a great singer, and a phenomenal dancer. And I had missed his ENTIRE LIFE!

That day, I learned a valuable lesson: most entertainers have messed up lives. Even so, that didn't keep Michael from making great music! And he will remain one of my favorites for a long, long time.

Happy Sunday! 


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