Fox Hole Kingdom // Event

I don't know why, but I've always had a thing for local bands. I love seeing the talent that's around here, instead of always hearing about people all over the country who made it big. I think it's cool when small bands make it in their own way, and get gigs and record and play in a small part of the country.

Fox Hole Kingdom is a band that just got started last month, and already got to play at a church block party last Saturday. It was a little chilly because we've had a weird cold snap lately, but the audience was so kind and it was fun. They grilled out with hot dogs & hamburgers and had a giant inflatable slide, face painting, and some local artists selling their work. And, of course, they had live music!

This is my first time taking pictures of a band, and I loved it. I love instruments, since I grew up in a musical household, and it was fun to be right up next to the band while they were playing. I'm looking forward to taking some album cover shorts for Fox Hole Kingdom later but for now, here's some pictures from Saturday.

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