For My Dad // Spady Sunday

Ok, this post may seem like it's coming out of nowhere - it's not Father's Day, or my dad's birthday. But I don't think I need to wait for either of those dates to do something special for my dad. 

The last few months have been crazy, to say the least. Crazy at work, crazy at church, crazy in photography, and super crazy in my personal life. One of the best things that has come out of this fall is getting to see my family a lot. When my sweet niece was born, Nathan and I got to visit a couple times right away, and I have been able to go almost every month (sorry, Grace's parents!). During those trips, I got to see my mom and my sisters as well. 

After surgery, my older sister and my mom both came to visit and help out, which was a huge blessing! I even asked my sister to sweep the floor - she was a good sport :)  But, thinking back on it, I really didn't get to see my dad much at all in the past few months! I was able to travel to see them on weekend in August, but other than that he hasn't been able to visit when everyone else has because he works so hard and he teaches a college class on top of that!

On Thursday night I got a voicemail from my dad who called to cheer me up after a couple tough things happened during the week and I realized how much I miss him! My dad is my buddy - ever since I was a little girl I've looked up to him and been close with him. Side note: I'm close with my mom and love her, too! I'll write about that another time. We've always bonded over drinking tea, and I promise you I get him some kind of tea for every Fathers Day, Christmas, or birthday. It's just our thing.

I can remember so many afternoons, sitting down with my dad and a pot of tea, talking and laughing or even just reading together. My dad has always been so special to me, and now that I'm a lot older I can see just how much time he spent with me, and how big of a deal that is! Not everyone is blessed with a dad like mine. We can talk for an hour about everything and nothing, and just have so much fun. He has a great sense of humor (now you know why I'm so funny ;) and always makes a big effort to make sure our family is close. 

All that to say, I can't WAIT to see my dad (and my whole family!) so soon over Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful for him and all the time and love he's poured into me over the years. I miss him when I'm not able to visit much, but I know we'll get to see each other soon. Love you, dad!


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