30 Days of Thankfulness // Spady Sunday

Every year, I see so many people participate in the thirty days of thankfulness challenge, saying something they are thankful for on Facebook/Twitter/whatever each day. I love reading them, but I've never participated because I've realized when I force myself to do something it ends up being more of a pain than a joy!

BUT I have so much to be thankful for, this year and every year, so I figured I'd make up for missing the last 30 days of November and list all 30 of them right now! Here goes. I'm thankful for...

1) Being able to own my house
2) A super comfortable bed. Ahh sleep
3) Really good breakfast recipes. Sounds lame, but I look forward to getting up each morning just to eat!
4) My coworkers, who make every day so much better
5) Having a job, and one that I like at that!
6) Good health insurance. ESPECIALLY thankful this year
7) A garage. Nothing beats a warm car on an icy cold day
8) My new camera!
9) The Broncos' winning season. Even if their losses sting more than if they'd lost to ANY other teams
10) Central heat. 'Nuff said.
11) Making it in and out of surgery, and ending up in one piece!
12) Spending Thanksgiving with my WHOLE family, which is surprisingly hard to do
13) My sweet niece Grace, who has brought so much joy into our family
14) My mom's mashed potatoes. Off. The. Chain.
15) Seeing Christmas decorations slowly going up the last few weeks
16) My awesome physical therapy team. I honestly miss seeing them during the week
17) Seeing my husband's band grow so much and get so many gigs this year
18) Everyone who has trusted me to shoot their wedding, engagement, family, or even surprise proposal this year. SO grateful for this
19) Chia seeds. Don't judge
20) My computer. I could NOT do half the stuff I'm able to do without it
21) My puppy. She's become quite the cuddler this year
22) My husband. I could probably make a list of 30 things just about him, but he's beyond wonderful to me. Each year just gets sweeter...can't wait to see how we grow together!
23) My family, both the in-laws and the outlaws :) Ha. But really. I love my family, and I'm so thankful for each one of them
24) Sweatpants. Again, don't judge
25) How much my relationship with the Lord has grown this year
26) Being able to witness my cousin's marriage this summer, along with all my extended family. Such great memories
27) My Monday night small group with so many sweet girlfriends
28) Starbucks gift cards. Probably would not have made it through so many late night editing sessions without them
29) Driving across the bridge every day during sunrise and sunset. It never gets old
30) Waking up this morning in a free country where I could go to church, come home, and watch football all afternoon :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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