The Newness of It All // Spady Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I usually end my post with that, but this has been a particularly good week. I've had some bookings for 2014 that I'm SO excited about, I have my first destination wedding this upcoming weekend, and I have a few more sessions before the end of the year. The progress I've made in the past month is so much more than I ever could have expected or hoped for.

Sometimes I think I have a problem with getting way too excited, or nervous, or happy, or ANYTHING about upcoming events. I can NEVER sleep the night before a big trip, or a test (when I was in high school), or even if I'm waiting on what I hope to be good news. This has led to so many tired days I can't even begin to count, and this week was no exception. By Thursday, I felt like I'd been punched in the face and needed a nice, long nap.

But you know why? It's because I'm EXCITED. And I'm excited because this is all so new. I really launched my business in April, and have gotten more serious and dedicated since then to book shoots/weddings, attend workshops, network, blog, stay active on social media, etc. Everything is brand new to me, and I've learned so so much. I'm sure I'll blog about that another time! 

On Thursday morning, though, as I heard from one person that they were for sure booking me, and got another inquiry about an awesome wedding next summer, I was literally jumping up and down for joy. I hadn't slept well on Wednesday night, but I was SO full of energy as soon as I checked my inbox. I was smiling ear to ear, and just knew the day was going to be great. 

In the midst of all my excitement, though, I took a second to stop and think. I would love to book dozens of weddings each year, and family shoots on top of that. I would love to not go even a week without an inquiry. I'd love to always have something on the horizon. But as much as I look forward to that day, I am loving right now. 

I love right now because there's so much excitement. Every time I check my email and I see that someone submitted a form from my website, I can't stop smiling. I probably answer emails way too enthusiastically, and I tell my husband and family about all my good news. If I was booking 30 weddings in a year, I don't think I'd be doing that. My business, I'm sure, would change so much that some of that naive excitement would wear off. 

Of course, I'll ALWAYS be excited and happy when I get contacted - it's truly a privilege to capture these special moments - but I know in talking to others and living life that I will not jump up and down at every contact. If my business grows like I hope, an inquiry won't be quite as special as it is right now. So, in the middle of my feet shuffling happy dance at 6:00am on Thursday, I just stopped and stood there. I soaked in the moment. I just thought about how grateful I am to come as far as I have, and how I wouldn't trade this feeling for the world. I prayed and thanked God for His blessings, because it all comes from Him. All of it. 

And I just savored that feeling. I delighted in the fact that I could NOT keep a smile off my face, no matter how hard I tried. I hope I will always be so excited about everything, but that's not realistic! Life becomes life, and I'm sure I'll breathe a little deeper every time a bride contacts me. But I will never, ever forget the feeling I've had this week. The feeling that something new is on the horizon, and that my life is changing in a way I never dreamed possible. And I will never, ever forget the newness of it all, and the deep joy I have in this moment.

Happy Sunday everyone! (ps that's me down there, right after I got my camera!)


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