Bass Guitar & New Logo!

This past summer, I got my first macro lens, and I immediately fell in love with how it works. I love how close I can photograph still-lifes, I love how the lens can show texture so clearly, and it's so exciting to take pictures in a totally different way than I could before. I know I'm a nerd. Either way, I was really happy with the results of my first shoot with two beautiful bass guitars.

Also, just as importantly, check out my new logo! My good friend Laura designed it for me, and Iove its simplicity and the peachy-grey color scheme. I'll be using the mg dot on my pictures in the future, and I will be able to use my logo for a variety of projects. Let me know what you think!

Maria Grace Photography

My name is Maria, and I am a wedding and family photographer based out of Hampton Roads, Virginia, but I am always excited about traveling. I love families who truly enjoy spending time with each other and living life together. I love couples that are looking forward to their wedding day because they are so excited to finally be married to.