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Regent University Red Dress Engagement | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer | Chase + Courtney

Regent University Red Dress Engagement | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer | Chase + Courtney

When the bride-to-be pulls up in the most stunning red dress you've ever seen, you KNOW their engagement session is going to be amazing! Courtney was absolutely stunning from the first smile to the last kiss, but more than her professional hair and makeup or the gorgeous outfits she chose, what stood out most is the strength of her love for Chase. It has spanned through the miles (they have had a long distance relationship the entire time) and continues to sustain them through the last few months they will spend apart.

The biggest thing that stood out to me during their engagement session was the giddy joy that overflowed in each moment. I love it when a couple steals kisses in between pictures, nuzzles noses together, and is thrilled just to spend time with each other. While long distance is not something I would wish on any couple, Chase and Courtney have learned how to make the most of each moment together, and their session was simply a culmination of the love they have built through the years...

Destination Engagement Session | Northern Virginia Engagement Photographer | Alex + Ellen

Destination Engagement Session | Northern Virginia Engagement Photographer | Alex + Ellen

I absolutely love it when couples choose a location for their engagement session or wedding that is unique and special to them. This year, Alex + Ellen get the award for the most meaningful location I could have imagined. I traveled up to a little town northwest of Washington, DC, called Purcellville for their engagement session, to the little house they call home - on 18 acres of land in a beautiful, quiet part of the country.

Alex and Ellen met in college, as many couples do, yet did not realize until they started dating that they in fact lived only one floor apart in their Longwood University dorm! I guess it was just meant to be...and one way or another, they would have ended up together. Years later, they are engaged and living in a quaint farmhouse far away from city life - and they wouldn't have it any other way...

Steve & Lori // Chesapeake, Virginia Engagement Photographer

Steve and Lori's story is as long as it is beautiful. The two have known each other for years - through the ups and downs of life, they remained friends for a very long time. It was only in the past little while, however, that they realized their friendship had blossomed into something so much more than that, and before they knew it they were engaged to be married.

Oftentimes, a couple excels at joking with each other, whereas another is never anything but sweet. Steve and Lori are a hilarious combination of the two - between the laughter and the joking, there is a tone of sweetness and seriousness that demonstrates their deep love for each other. I both laughed harder than I had in awhile at their engagement session and experienced sweet, intimate moments beyond words.

I can only imagine what their wedding day next month - and their lives for the next 50 years and beyond - will be like.

View their engagement session slideshow by clicking here.
Makeup by Dhalia Edwards.

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