Why You need this...

With so much content available and so many competitors in your area, it takes a lot to make your small business succeed. One area of confusion for so many business owners and creative entrepreneurs is search engine optimization and how to get found.

Over the years, I have learned, researched, and tested proven techniques for increasing SEO - in fact, online search engines have become one of my top two referral sources! As social media changes, you can't rely on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network for business. Take charge of your website, get found on search engines, and become more profitable!

This 1-hour video training will give you fresh, relevant, timeless ways to improve in search rankings and move forward with your business. So why wait? Start learning, get found, and get more business! CLICK HERE to watch sample video content!


What You'll Get...

1) A breakdown of basic SEO (search engine optimization) terms and how they apply to your business.
2) Instructions to make your website as SEO-friendly as possible.
3) Proven strategies to help your business get found online.
4) Live video training that shows you how to evaluate your SEO...and how you can get better!
5) Homework that walks you step-by-step through a timeless approach to improving your SEO today, tomorrow, and beyond.

What They're Saying...

SEO is one of those things every business owner should have a good understanding of, but there is an overwhelming amount of information out there and learning it on your own can be both frustrating and time consuming...[Maria] taught me how to boost my SEO through blogging, website updates, photos and so much more. She gave me easy and simple steps that weren't time consuming or difficult to comprehend.... I highly recommend her to any business owner looking to boost their SEO through their own efforts.
Jacquelyne, The DIY Bride Network

SEO is a scary word for small business owner. Everywhere you look in online forums, at workshops, conferences everyone is telling you just how important it is - which left me overwhelmed and feeling like it would be difficult for me to learn. Maria helped me to realize that SEO...can actually be a little fun! She gave me the confidence and tips that I will be able to improve my SEO with her training! Seriously if your stuck trying to figure out SEO definitely sign up for an SEO course with Maria! She is an SEO genius and she is super sweet and patient when it comes to teaching you!
Ruth, Raise the Ruth Events

Working with Maria is probably the best business decision I have made so far!  My knowledge of SEO was nonexistent before our couching session.  Maria was able to break down all the scary, mysterious terms and make it understandable and easy to grasp.  She is such a joy to work with and went far and beyond to help me get my business out there and seen.  Now, moving my much less scary and I have Maria to thank.
Amy, Amy Clark Photography