I have adventure in my heart, a camera in my hand, and a not-so-secret desire to change the world.

If you get to know the real me, you'll quickly learn that I speak fluent sarcasm. I make my cockapoo Lilo wear sweaters in the winter and sundresses in the summer. I run daily but I can't say no to salt & vinegar chips or hot fudge sundaes, and I dance like a fool with a camera in my hand at wedding receptions.

Nathan is my husband of 6 years, my IT support, and the one who carries me to bed when I fall asleep reading on the couch. Together we explore gluten-free food, travel the world for fun, and go on long walks together in the evening.

After a 3-year adoption journey, in June we brought home our daughter and named her Willow. Every day we learn more about what love and being a family of 3 looks like. Come follow along on our adventure!



For the Bride + Groom

I believe that your wedding day is your own from start to finish - just like your marriage will be. My desire is for you to live in pure joy from the time he gets down on one knee to the first picture at your engagement session to the final kiss on the most memorable day of your lives.

Before the big day even arrives I will be there to help, from finding your dream vendors to providing resources that will build up your marriage. I am here to serve you during this special time as a soon-to-be husband and wife. On wedding days you will find me clasping necklaces, pinning boutonnieres, bustling dresses, dancing along with your wedding guests, and smiling until the night ends.


For Families

I believe that while day one of marriage is beautiful, day one thousand is richer and full of more love than you could have imaged at your wedding. My desire is to capture the joy of your family and your marriage as you have grown through the years. I believe in capturing pictures that represent how you truly are with the people you love most.

Just as importantly, I will capture memories of just you and your spouse - because it's important to celebrate how far you've come together, hand in hand, through the ups and downs of your years as husband and wife. Your marriage, your family, and your life deserves to be captured and preserved forever.

I love what I do because I love getting to know the people I serve as I capture the most joyful moments of their lives.